Life is serious. Everywhere you look it’s doom. It’s hard to avoid. Turn on the TV, hit your news feed, try not to have a conscience. I get affected hard by tragedy and pain of others. I shouldn’t. I should be selfish but I can’t. It can paralyze me. I have grown tools in the last few years to combat this. I know how to think and what my steps are. It’s just sometimes it’s power is great, greater than even I. I’m going to try and post something fun here but just a warning; it may come off weird, a bit crazy and unorganized. I guess it’s like everything else I write.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about 2016 and it’s been a really strange year. I watch things from a non biased place. I’m Switzerland, before they joined the U.N. I really try not to judge or over react until there are hard facts and who knows what those are anymore. I posted the other day that I was trying to wrap my head around 2016: All the greats that have passed,  Cubs win, Trump win, WA vs. CO was Pac12 Champ game, ect… You can really go deep into 2016 and come up with quite the list and I started to think of why? Why is this year so bizarre? There has to be an answer. Aliens is a popular choice when it comes to conspiracy. I watched the entire Ancient Aliens series while at home. Laughing at me? You watch it and try not to think different! Excluding Aliens: some kind of virus? This Zika thing came out of no where. There’s that new drug that puts people into a “zombie like” state, maybe it’s in our water? What about vaccines? Are the anti people right? (they’re not…but that’s another post…) Is it the amount of screen hours we are putting in now? Is it some kind of internet hypnotizing syndrome? Why is 2016 is so effed up?

Here is my answer….Star Wars… George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney in 2012 for 4 Billion dollars, over half of that reported to be cash. Disney has revived the franchise, basically saving it from it’s last “new” movies. But I think something happened during this transition, something bigger that we can imagine. When “huge” things start happening to a country it takes time,(2012)… Yeah, did you Trump-ize that “huge?” I think that exchange of money, the deal with the devil if you will, has ripped a hole in the space time continuum. I just read this article by a Walt Disney theorists, and the writer had everything from Disney being a communist, a secret agent, a Nazi but it was the last thing that intrigued me. Was Walt Disney the Devil Incarnate or some kind of Demon? Next time you see a picture look in his eyes, that mustache. And then it hit me. If George unknowingly sold this monster franchise to the Devil, it would have certainly torn this hole in our fabric. There must be an origin for this, a place, a vortex, a zone where things can cross over. What are they doing at Disney Land? They are closing The Tower of Terror at that end of this year! The Tower ride is based on an episode of the Twilight Zone. Holy shit! The Tower is the vortex. But Walt has been gone for years, 1966 to be precise. However, if he truly is a demonic presence, it’s my theory that he has been roaming his park (his beloved park), looking for a way back. I believe that he found a way through the awesome power of the Tower (I know the power, noises came from my body that can only be described as unholy). He then manipulated Disney Execs to make the purchase of Star Wars, making Disney/Star Wars one of the biggest demonic entities on the planet, free to frolic and makes things “Great Again.” I also believe that the same execs have realized their wrong doings and that would be the reason for shutting the ride down. Further evidence, Disney purchased the Marvel franchise (albeit 3 years before the Star Wars deal, still not sure how the timeline fits together…). Was this to combat the evil forces pouring from the open vortex of the park? What is Marvel known for? Super Heroes. And finally, what are they replacing the Tower of Terror with? A Guardians of the Galaxy ride! Yeah, I think that’s all the proof I need. Thanks a lot George!!

You think my conspiracy theory is nuts? Donald Trump is our next President. I think we need to redefine crazy…