Golf Instagram

My new golf specific Instagram page is billygrantgolf. Go, follow. I’m going to post something, if not more than something every single day. I’ve started with some videos, a beginning to what’s in my bag, cool golf artifacts I have and swing/practice stuff! If you are interested in my game and what I think. It’s different, my golf story is unique. Go, follow and engage. I could care less how many followers I have on anything but what I really want is engagement. Ask questions, speak and I will answer. Cheers everyone!

In Law Awe.

Sometimes I don’t have the words until later. I’m pretty quick when it comes to wit but when something requires deep thought, I do just that.

My in-laws completed their new home. They’ve been working on it for a year. I am in awe of my father in law. He built a god damn house by himself. It’s a masterful work too. The knowledge it takes to accomplish this feat is based in a million hours of experience. If I could do anything half that cool and manly I would rule the planet.

We went over today and I just couldn’t find the words to say how awesome I actually thought it was. I have to work on my skills. Nice work Papa!!

“Must Be Nice.”

I’m back. I’m writing again and it feels… well, it feels like this. I am super fucking lucky to be here. I’m living a dream, inside a nightmare, inside a dream; eat it Inception. I feel like everyday I re-fall in love with my life, then I have to bow up and beat down the bullshit that this world perpetrates. Negativity is in the air like AM radio waves, just a couple rabbit ears can make blood pour from your ears and soul. Some of the smartest people I’ve ever met have been turned into mindless little internet trolls. It’s frustrating to see so many smart people, instead of having meaningful conversations, throwing shit at each other like caged spider monkeys.

So, I’ve decided to live my life. I’ve decided to help people. I’ve decided to chase and find my dreams. I’ve been told that I am a level headed thinker. I’ve been told that my thoughts and ideas make sense. I’ve never changed one mind. People have thick skulls, as it turns out not just for protection from predators. There may be exceptions and I thank you for listening. You are always in my thoughts.

Things I’m working on: social media (like it or not old people, this is how we communicate. Quit being afraid), golf (going to play more and start my “at home” practice), reading (I’m consuming at least 12 blog writers and other words), writing (blogs haven’t been touched in months, here we go), cooking (can’t touch what I can do), kiddos (they keep my ass moving and young). This brings me to my life with my wife. I feel stronger than ever as a couple. I’ve been to more places and have more experiences in the last 10 years than in the previous 30 combined. We are going to continue that. I firmly believe that travel is so important for young minds, to see how other’s live, not just read about it.

We just got back from out first vacation without the kids. We left them with the grandparents and went to Maui. Did we spend a bit? Hell yeah, we did. We even got sucked into upgrading to a convertible mustang. Oh Well. The experience was awesome. Since I’ve been back, I’ve heard this term a lot, “Must Be Nice…” Yeah, it is. We bust our ass to save for these trips. I’ve figured two things out. Life is about the people you meet and the experiences you have. Don’t be a “Must Be Nice” person. Go places, see sights, smell history. You can do it. There are ways to make it cheaper. Here’s the rub. We all have one thing in common. We die. I don’t want to die feeling like I hid from the world in a hole that is the same every day.

Here I am. I am back. I am going to write. I love you all and am eternally grateful to be here. Cheers!

Rock Star Suicide and Me.

Sound Garden and Audio Slave are among favorites in my catalog. They have that voice in common. Dude could write a song and deliver haunting melody. I may be premature with this post and if I am I mean no disrespect.

Preliminary report is that he committed suicide at 52 years old. That’s not my problem. As many of you know now, I am an advocate for awareness and prevention and understand more than normal. I’ve taken time to educate myself on the act and subsequent stigma. Plus, I have lived experience.

Here’s my issue. CC will have an unbelievable day of tribute. For his genius in the music industry he will be on every station and stories will be told. There will be stories from the road, the studio and perhaps some gems that common folk have never heard. It will be part inspiring, part saddening and part maddening. By the end of the week the public will know more about Chris Cornell’s life and death than ever before.

A “common” man carries out the act of suicide and there is an hour or so of tribute to his/her life. It’s all saddening and the inspiration portion is shortened. Questions won’t be answered and the stigma grows, like a cyst. I know so many people that earned the right to have their story told but when it comes to the “ending” credits, “leave it out” is what the writer receives. “Too sad,” “don’t want to make waves,” “not how we want to remember them,” etc….. So the common man that carries out the act of suicide doesn’t get the attention. The cyst is covered up by societal bandages.

The list of celebrity suicide grows, so does the list of the general public. I try to help people all the time. I feel like I’m a nuisance to some. I write out of frustration this morning because as you are blaring “Black Hole Sun,” I’m thinking about all the others. Pause for a moment and think about your friends that might need you. They might just need to talk.

Be the difference.


How do you gain attention? My answer: keep documenting. Quality versus quantity is the answer. I’ve been wrapped up in numbers, admittedly. It frustrates me when I create something I love and it doesn’t grow into that flower I envision. The whole time I’m missing the point and the few awesome people that are listening and contributing unbelievable content to my life. I apologize for that. I get it now.  We will laugh (BBB), we might cry  but we will do it together. Join me, won’t You? Cheers Monday!!!


Haven’t been writing here much because of my school work thieving my time. I think I’ll write more now but shorter blurby type articles. 

I tested the Live feature on Facebook and Instagram last night. I kinda liked it. It was midnight so not many were on. I got up to 4 viewers and averaged 2, haha. Gonna try it again tonight. 830ish Pacific time. Join me?? 

Revelation About Math…

Two points: 1. I now understand why I get so irritated with math. It’s because I’m good at almost everything else. Math is not automatic to me. Math takes time. My time is valuable, hence irritation. I can do almost any math. It just takes me incredible amounts of time. I don’t enjoy it and it pisses me off when I do a long ass equation, only to get it wrong because I put a symbol in the wrong place. Keep  Grinding.

2. I forgot my 2nd point. See what math does to me? Dammmmmmmit…. talk to ya later.

Please don’t respond with a “back in my day” comment. We get it. You got a high school degree with an abacus and through college with basic multiplication. Times, they are changed.

See what math does to me, makes me kinda mean… Dammmmmit, what was my 2nd point!?!?!