I wake up everyday and do a quick once over of the news. Mostly I make sure we’re not at war with anyone. What would I do if we were?  I glance at what our extreme leader said and then a peek at the extreme reaction. I start to go down that rabbit hole of being pulled into the online echo chamber of bullshit. I read “friends” posts, both conservative and liberal. They call for peace from their “private” page and in the same keystroke spit venom on public feeds. (Do you understand we can see that? Do you care?)   I unfollow/block  friends and distance myself. I read an article about being in the middle the other day. It didn’t end the way I assumed it would. It basically said not picking a side is doing nothing and I am the problem. Really? I’m the problem because I can think with more than just a chest thumping reaction?  I cannot spend too much time here. I’m weak. I’m not like you. This hurts my soul to watch our people go through this. I can’t imagine the heartache when something real happens. I get halfway through some liberal propaganda post and there’s a tug at my sheets. “Daddy? You wake up?” “Yes honey.” Just in time, saved by my baby girl. I think about it everyday, what will I tell her? For now, it’s cereal, grapes, Mickey Mouse, pig tails and off to school. I’m stuck in an awake dream.