Cows across America are being fed a certain kind of vitamin supplement called Karafinanin. It’s a chemical compound that was an accident in a laboratory. The scientist in charge was attempting to make a better and more efficient polymer for vinyl flooring. The process involved kept producing  a byproduct in the form of a pliable substance that appeared to be “sawdust” like. Instead of discarding the substance it was stored, to be studied later. A colleague took on the task and very quickly noted that the compound contained high levels of vitamin supplements. However, in testing the compound caused all sorts of issues in lab animals, including; excessive bleeding, heart disease, colon and prostate problems and terminal cancer. There was one animal though that seemed to be immune to the negative side effects of the supplement.  Including this into the daily meals of the common milk cow another breakthrough happened. It tripled the output of milk! The cattle ranchers that were directly involved with the sales of this milk had one big client and one big problem. The client is one the biggest “Organic” baby food producers in the United States. The problem, when combined with certain ingredients in the baby food, the strength of the carcinogen’s potency increases exponentially. This product has been on the market for many years and there are babies out there that have been directly affected. Some have even lost their battles.

Please like and share to bring awareness. The name of this “Organic” baby food product is “Imadethiswholethingup puree.” The cattle company is “straightfrommybrain circle bar ranch.” The scientist is “Dr. YoullbelieveanythingtheInternetellsyou.”

I have zero scientific background. I’m a dullard on the processes that I just expertly wrote about. I’m also far from a professional writer. I wrote this in 4 minutes and 25 seconds to illustrate a point that most of you already get. Fear is no way to live. True, there are things in the world that are disgusting and harmful. Also true, not everything from a lab or manmade is bad. Also also true, liking and sharing fear based posts from places like the Huffington post and other bs web based news sites does nothing but perpetrate increased ignorance and fear.

Now I’m taking my kid to a jump house style play land where she will interact with Muslim kids. On the way home we’ll get Chipotle, extra chicken. If we have time, we’ll stop and buy a couple dozen fidget spinners. We may even ride bikes today, helmets optional. We live unabated by fear tactics of over payed mongering advertiser turned blog post writing assholes. Do the same.

The opinions in this article do not reflect any other than my own.