I’m back. I’m writing again and it feels… well, it feels like this. I am super fucking lucky to be here. I’m living a dream, inside a nightmare, inside a dream; eat it Inception. I feel like everyday I re-fall in love with my life, then I have to bow up and beat down the bullshit that this world perpetrates. Negativity is in the air like AM radio waves, just a couple rabbit ears can make blood pour from your ears and soul. Some of the smartest people I’ve ever met have been turned into mindless little internet trolls. It’s frustrating to see so many smart people, instead of having meaningful conversations, throwing shit at each other like caged spider monkeys.

So, I’ve decided to live my life. I’ve decided to help people. I’ve decided to chase and find my dreams. I’ve been told that I am a level headed thinker. I’ve been told that my thoughts and ideas make sense. I’ve never changed one mind. People have thick skulls, as it turns out not just for protection from predators. There may be exceptions and I thank you for listening. You are always in my thoughts.

Things I’m working on: social media (like it or not old people, this is how we communicate. Quit being afraid), golf (going to play more and start my “at home” practice), reading (I’m consuming at least 12 blog writers and other words), writing (blogs haven’t been touched in months, here we go), cooking (can’t touch what I can do), kiddos (they keep my ass moving and young). This brings me to my life with my wife. I feel stronger than ever as a couple. I’ve been to more places and have more experiences in the last 10 years than in the previous 30 combined. We are going to continue that. I firmly believe that travel is so important for young minds, to see how other’s live, not just read about it.

We just got back from out first vacation without the kids. We left them with the grandparents and went to Maui. Did we spend a bit? Hell yeah, we did. We even got sucked into upgrading to a convertible mustang. Oh Well. The experience was awesome. Since I’ve been back, I’ve heard this term a lot, “Must Be Nice…” Yeah, it is. We bust our ass to save for these trips. I’ve figured two things out. Life is about the people you meet and the experiences you have. Don’t be a “Must Be Nice” person. Go places, see sights, smell history. You can do it. There are ways to make it cheaper. Here’s the rub. We all have one thing in common. We die. I don’t want to die feeling like I hid from the world in a hole that is the same every day.

Here I am. I am back. I am going to write. I love you all and am eternally grateful to be here. Cheers!