Two points: 1. I now understand why I get so irritated with math. It’s because I’m good at almost everything else. Math is not automatic to me. Math takes time. My time is valuable, hence irritation. I can do almost any math. It just takes me incredible amounts of time. I don’t enjoy it and it pisses me off when I do a long ass equation, only to get it wrong because I put a symbol in the wrong place. Keep  Grinding.

2. I forgot my 2nd point. See what math does to me? Dammmmmmmit…. talk to ya later.

Please don’t respond with a “back in my day” comment. We get it. You got a high school degree with an abacus and through college with basic multiplication. Times, they are changed.

See what math does to me, makes me kinda mean… Dammmmmit, what was my 2nd point!?!?!