It is hard to get people to believe that love and positivity will conquer. A friend told me recently,  “love doesn’t do everything bro.” I think he and others are misconstruing the message. Sure things seem hard right now but if you find passion, whatever it may be, if you put love into it there is a difference. The difference is longevity. In a world of instant gratification we need to be more marathoners than sprinters. You ever wonder why long distance runners do that shit…….they love it.

Evidence that negativity, besides mainstream media and pop culture,  is louder is easy to find. Look at any of my posts: the highest rated, most visited and most shared are all about something sad, angry or inherently negative. The happy, celebratory posts get passed right over. 

Spread some damn love today!! Do it!! See how it makes you feel to make someone else’s day better!