Where are you from? It’s a question that I get from time to time, as everyone probably does. A semester ago I had an English class and wrote a poem basically condemning my home state. As artistic and passionate as it was, I realize the err in my way. I’ve grown a lot spiritually and mentally in the last few years.

My Wyoming Apologies

I had to go,

Not all can stay.

They say I’m from “God’s country,”

But I don’t see Him there.

They say it’s a state of wide open spaces,

But my legs were cramped.

The first to give women the right to vote,

But try being my single mother/ business owner there.

Their ideals are seated in small town attitude,

But acceptance is rare in that kind of altitude.

The state of the rough and tough cowboy,

But his insecurities are there, hidden for all to see.

I had to go,

Not all can stay.

I will probably never call Wyoming home, much to the chagrin of my mother and she would feel strongly different about her line in the poem. San Diego was my defecto place of rebirth but a fairly recent trip there left me feeling a bit alien. Phoenix was next and many years was dedicated to it as home. On a return trip from our last visit there I told my wife, “I feel like I’m going home and not leaving it anymore…”

The question where is my home is easily answered by a picture. It is me laying on my couch with either of my children snuggled up on my chest, cliché I know. Their heart rate slows along with their breathing. They are safe from everything here, well even if sick. The world remains unscary to them ;and me in this moment.( Dads get this and I hope this lends some understanding to others.)  My wife looks on and her eyes well but she won’t cry. She knows what it has taken for me to get to this moment, the work. I am a busy man. I go to school, I volunteer at another, I bartend occasionally, I work out at night, I study, I golf (practice and play), I anticipate an unbelievable year. It all sounds so crazy but when it gets or feels overwhelming I return home, to my families embrace. I also know that home is liquid and is forever changing and so must I. I am excited right now by what is to come and not scared because I have my Home to lean on.