I’ve lived for a very long time in the comfort of a free country. We are afforded the right to be couch surfing chicken wing eaters and do nothing of substance. I wanna preface this by saying if that is you and you are happy with it; do you. I’m not here to shit on happy. But if you are sitting there thinking there must be more I can do, well stop thinking about it. Do.

I really don’t have regrets in my speckled past. It got me here. However, there are many many many wasted hours I would like to have back. I can’t have them back but I do get to have right Now.

Standing up and doing what you’ve always wanted to or being who you’ve dreamed of being can be very fucking uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable speaking to people, especially young people but I’m good at it and I believe it’s affective. So I’m doing it more. I’m telling my story. I’m listening more.

With 320 million people in our country I ask a simple question, “can one person affect real change?” when people have a hard time listening. Well, they may not all hear me but maybe One will and possibly that One will be it. It’s cliché and probably overused but fuck it, maybe we need some Hallmark moments.

(I understand this is very Vague and you’re probably saying, “what else are you up to?” I get it but some will have to wait.)