A majority of people are good. This I believe. The question that is presented though is that why don’t we see it? Where are they? All that is presented in the media, both social and mainstream, is extreme. It’s like watching two brick walls throw shit at each other. No diplomacy, no mediator, no curtesy, no love, no fucking respect, no listening; it’s all word/slang vomit tossing. Who can throw harder? Which side will break first? I’m right, you’re wrong. I think you get it.

I believe that there is a silent majority of people in this country that are middle-ist like me. I wrote about being in the middle a couple posts ago, go read. The silent majority is silent not because we are “pussies that can’t take a stance.” I read that quote yesterday and had to work out hard last night to let it go. We are silent for a couple reasons. 1: We don’t know what to say. It can be overwhelming to us that become emotionally charged and feel for the sanctity of the world, fear. 2: We don’t know How to say it because people have a hard time letting down there defense to listen. 3: We think we are too busy to change things, to start tough conversations, to believe. It’s so easy to hit your power button and shut down. It’s so easy to say, “whatever.” I’m completely guilty of this but no more. I’ve made a conscious decision to no longer be silent. I am going to moderate and content the fuck out of this thing. My message will be felt.

I’m hear to tell ya, we are the ones that have to change the consciousness of our society. We have to moderate conversation. We have to calm the tides. People want to talk about problems in society and they all stem from something tangible, something you can see. Pipelines are about oil and land, terror is about fear, the Presidency is about power, the government is supposed to represent the people, protests are about voice. We are to think that all of these things are on the surface. These ideals and concepts are buried deep inside our brains and somewhere behind those walls you’ve put up there’s an actual human being that can listen, that can understand, that can give and take input, that can be productive.

I am here. Where the fuck are you?