“It’s lonely at the top.” This was a saying that used to mean that the loneliest place in American society is at the top of the financial and social totem. I’m here to tell you, the loneliest place is right here, in the middle. I know, I’ve spent my life in the middle of everything. The middle has become this vacuum that your voice cannot escape from. The small population that I find myself here with all have the same problem; the edges are deaf to us.

I am an Independent voter. Socially I lean hard left, economically I’m a bit more right; middle. I live in a progressive liberal part of the country but I grew up in the opposite; middle. I was popular in high school, the fucking prom king but I didn’t socialize with the popular kids and never fully committed to the artistic types; middle. I was a skater/snowboarder but the starting quarterback, middle as fuck!   So for 40 years I’ve been listening to both edges of society, hurling fists and insults over and past my outreached arms. My friends group (mostly Facebook associations and I would say that my list are important people in the history of ME) is very eclectic. I have super liberal friends that are mourning or organizing  today and at the same time friends that are welcoming a political change. Sides have been taken and lines have been drawn and here I sit, ever in the middle.

The difference between now and then. Then: I could live as a middle-ist and still have a bevy of social relationships. Conversation wouldn’t be stunted to the weather but deep meaningful talks could be had. Various sides on topics could be shared and we might not have agreed but at the end the friendships were untainted. Now: I keep my mouth shut or manipulate conversation to fit with the individual I am speaking to. It’s a sales technique. You wouldn’t talk about gay rights with a super conservative customer, not that I’m trying to sell anything. I’ve watched as old friendships have been ripped apart because of “side taking” and “hard headedness.” It’s a strange new world we live in but one we’ve lived before. It’s a social civil war, I pray it remains peaceful and I’m not forced to pick up arms. Take sides now because you don’t want to be alone in the middle with me.

Even now my conservative friends are reading this, shaking their heads and condemning my thoughts as “he’s been drinking the bay area koolaid.” And my liberal friends are pissed because I’m not advocating full time for their civil and social rights…. MIDDLE trying to stay strong.