You don’t have to be in a great place to affect someone’s life. Here’s the catch though, you may never know about it.

Being kind is easy. It could be as simple as smiling at someone, opening a door, letting someone have a parking spot. Every little thing you do can possibly have a positive influence on someone’s direction. Their path could be altered by you!

I was sitting outside by our food court at school and I noticed a young lady that looked very distraught, like really really distraught. I had choices as everyone does when encountered by something like this. I leaned forward and made sure eye contact was made, “are you going to be ok?” This is a question that I have learned. If you ask, “are you ok?” Most people look at you like “seriously, do I look ok?” I’ve found that my wording makes them think. I mean, she may just be having one of those days. She said, “thanks, i’ll be fine,” got up and walked away.

Back to the second sentence of this post. I’ll never know if I had any affect on her life but the possibility exists. It’s possible I caught her in a “life is over,” “people suck,” “nobody cares,” “i’m done,” kinda situation. It’s possible that my small gesture created doubt in that thinking. It’s possible that it gave her more time, more time to figure something out. Or maybe I was just an annoyance in her busy day. I never get to know.

If you see someone that appears to need a pat on the back, do it. You have nothing to lose.