I took the weekend off from the internet and I have to tell you, it was great. I think we all need time to breathe sometimes. I really had thoughts that this might be a forever situation. Good bye everyone…

Right when I was thinking the hardest about it, something happened. It was shown to me that my words and life has made a difference.

I get impatient with society just like the just of you. Sometimes I go long stretches without thinking that I matter to it.

I read one of my friends say once that people that use social media to feel better about themselves should be ashamed. As if needing a back slap is weakness. I took that to heart.

Well, I’m here to tell you I’m not going anywhere. I may go stretches without posting anything but fear not. I will always be back. I will not give up on you. Let’s do this together.

Mission statement: To go forth and spread good.