You only turn 40 once. For a long time I haven’t looked forward to this number, it is a number. In a previous post I spoke about my thoughts of never thinking that I would get this far alive, real thoughts. I’ve persevered through a young adulthood that has trapped many souls. I live on. I am. I now realize that my life has a bigger purpose than even I can imagine. I’m hear to talk to whomever will listen. I’m here to advocate for all sorts of peoples; from kids with disabilities to young adults and teenagers that are struggling with the thought of their own existence. I believe that I can and have made some impact. The fight will continue and bigger things will be coming. I feel motivated.

My birthday was on a Wednesday. I wrote about it in “This Is 40.” The weekend came and went, brunch with the inlaws and Halloween with the kids. Birthday over, right? We drove to Oakland (November 4th, birthday was OCT 26)  where we were going to have drinks and food, then hop on BART to SF to see a comedy show that my wife had purchased tickets to (our adult night out). As we walked up to the Pacific Coast Brewery  I realized that we had been here before and as I was trying to relay this to my wife while entering the establishment something almost knocked me on my ass. SUPRISE!! My lady planned in full secrecy a birthday party for me. 40 Friends and family were there. It still is overwhelming. A few esteemed guests from out of town even made the trip, including my brother and his family, my cousin and husband, great friends John and Diane from Phoenix and good friend Ryan that drove down from Truckee just for the night. Others included local family and friends. I’m still overwhelmed at the attendance. My wife spent the last couple days, not at work, but at her parents house making an awesome picture collage of my life entitled “the Evolution of Billy.” There are pics on there that I hardly remember. It was an amazing job because there’s not much to work with. She baked a chocolate/peanut butter cake that I would slap anyone that tried to take my piece. It was a great night and weekend. I’ll remember it and hold it close forever. If you were there, Thank You. Your presence was felt.

I will post more pictures of this night as I receive them from the camera men and women that were at play.