Dear Cubs Fan (real CubsFan),

I know a lot of you and I wanted to give my heartfelt congratulations on “your” team winning last night. For years I have poured salt all over you. There was always something about your team being the lovable losers that satisfied my American taste for “being a dick.” The truth is I don’t understand what it’s all about. I’ve never invested that much into a …, well, into anything except my new family. When “my” teams lose, I don’t lose sleep. I don’t cry. It’s the same when they win, not much emotion. I cheer more for great stories and games these days and last night was one of the greatest. When the Indians tied the game, off of Chapman no less, you could feel the atmosphere of the entire country change. An all too familiar story was coming.  Then came the rain and gave you reprieve, your team regrouped and stared history in the eyes, the balls.  It was an amazing night and the celebration will be felt in the air for quite some time.

There will be no more “maybe next year” for you. I know a lot of you that have parents and grandparents that are no longer with us that are celebrating on a different plane right now. For them I am happy.

If you are a “dick” still shitting on the Cubs, I don’t get you. Perhaps you are like Skip Bayless and just want to be noticed. Sit down for a minute and let the lovable losers enjoy this moment in fucking history.

Perspective: There are so many more but some of my favorites… my favorite tweet, “the last time the Cubs won Mark Twain was alive.” Babe Ruth was 13. A Hersey bar costs 2 cents! Average life expectancy was 47 years old! The population of Las Vegas was 30! People couldn’t even listen to the last Cubs World Series because the fucking Radio didn’t even exist!!!  108 years ago. How about this? If it’s another 108, it will be year 2124. AMAZING…

Enjoy and we’ll see you at Spring Training. How will winning change you Cubbies? We’ll see. Cheers!