I was in the service industry in one way or another for many many years. I grew weary of the thankless days. Shift after shift of sore overworked feet went home with me at all awkward hours. I read people rant about the decline of customer service (comes from management by the way ((shit rolls downhill))  but I’m going to say there has been a decline in the customer’s couth. We (American society) are so quick to complain but do nothing to help the situation. Yelp, not the powerhouse it once was, is the place where dissatisfied folks go to vomit words of misuse. “Can I talk to a manager?” Awesome, get the poor kid in trouble with what is probably his/her first job. I was really good at my service jobs. From serving food, bartending, to many golf industry jobs; I always did my best (well, not always but the customer never knew it.) Here’s my summation , people who complain  harshly either have never worked a service job or have forgotten what it was like. Next time your having a bad experience why don’t you be a bigger person and talk to the young man/woman that is serving you. They might appreciate the feedback. They probably are managed by passive aggressive prick that sits at a computer screen and watches security feeds.  They might thank you. They might try harder if they knew you cared. Take the fucking high road. Tip well and change someone’s day.

I’ve recently taken a “job” working for a small catering company working private parties. I’ve only done one but I must say it was a blast. I forget how much I like intertwining my love for language/communication with service to make people happy, laugh or slightly smile. The biggest difference is that this is not an actual job for me. It’s a few times a month, in which I can choose if I work. It’s with fun people, well, I think they are fun anyway (jury is out…) I hope my anti social behavior doesn’t get in my way. I’m bartending a 70 year olds birthday Friday night. I once was a bartender that people talked about. Is there any magic left?

SERVITUDE:  The state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful. CHANGE YOUR DEFINITION.

Christian’s say a life of service is Godly. Patriot’s say a life of service is duty. I say a life of service is soulful. Cheers.