I have developed a fairly large audience, at least big to a kid that comes from a village. I realized that there aren’t very many people that know me, Now Me. I’ve changed through my life a lot. Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t. I want to let you in just a little more. Preface: I hate lists and especially social media lists. I just reread this intro and it’s fucking ridiculous so here, here’s 10 things you may not know about me.

  1. I miss boards. I haven’t been on a skate board since my twenties. I haven’t snowboarded in a few seasons. I crave the ocean. I once learned how to surf and I miss the dangerous tranquility of the saltwater air.
  2. I’m addicted to the Paranormal field. I read blogs, watch online shows, research haunted places, watch all the tv shows. I feel pulled to watch. I believe and have had some crazy experiences.
  3. The biggest therapy in my life comes from the kitchen. I love cooking. I remember when I set off to be an adult and I didn’t know shit. Now I have a pretty good pallet and can create dishes with no recipes. It makes me feel awesome that I can provide great food for my family. They will eat variety. Exception: I cannot bake. That’s what my wife does best.
  4. My mother had me when she was 38 years old. In the 70’s, it wasn’t that common. We had our first child two years ago, I was 38. Interesting numerology. My kids will grow up with an older Dad, at least I have experience on how to handle people.
  5. I’m obsessed with tattoos. If you have one I can see, I will usually ask about it. It’s story, artist, why? I need to know.
  6. I’ve become a bit of a loner. I love my little family we’ve created but still love my alone time. My favorite moments are from times like hitting balls on a range by myself, headphones and thoughts. I’m not sure I’ll ever have a big group of friends, seems loud and obnoxious sometimes.
  7. I love beer but I don’t drink too often. The way I talk about it and try to learn about it you would think I’m a raging alcoholic. I’m not. Some of my acquaintances  would probably call me names for admitting this. Fuck you. Ha.
  8. I get lost in documentaries. I like them better than movies now. Real people and real stories. Ted Talks as well are an obsession. A dream of mine is to do one.
  9. Stand up comedy is art. I listen to a lot of it. I once did an open mic, a long time ago. I’m not funny anymore though, so that dream has burnt upon reentry.
  10. I love/hate the internet. I wanna quit as much as I wanna be here. Like most things in this world, it’s ridiculous.

I know they are not very deep but maybe from time to time I’ll do more lists like this and you might find some weird tid bit that you can relate with me. Aloha…