I’m on a roll, not quite like butter but silky none the less. I’ve been writing like crazy. My manifesto, my creation, a life memo, a totality of bullshit; it’s all going down. I haven’t posted anything on here in a week or so and that’s on purpose. It’s kind of my own Kaepernik sit down protest. I’m distracted by societal garbage lately. I’m usually not but the heat is getting in my kitchen. Election, Syria, Russia, Hurricane, San Andreas, debates, fucking clowns, white people, asshole internet trolls, bullys, trying to make friends, birthdays, tests, homework, gym rat, drought, family, school, daycare, friends saying stupid political shit, disrespectful citizens  and the list goes on. Every time I sit to write I get a notification of something, boom, distracted.

It’s not all negative distraction though. My 2 year old’s birthday, our son turned 3 months, my wife kicks ass at her work, preparation for family vacations, nearing some kind of accomplishment in school, working out at night, finding inner sanctuary in my soul, playing in my first member/guest tournament this weekend, falling in love with golf again, making new alliances, inspiring kids to not give up, finding health; Life is distraction but it’s not all bad.

Ok, gotta go. Test time.