I’m going to vote for Donald Trump. He will lead us into WW3 and the world will never be the same. Nuclear weapons will be used. Millions of people will be brutally killed in the first few days and more will follow from fallout injuries. It will take 100 years for people to once again thrive but something different might happen. Survivors might actually care for one another. The internet and other communications will be down for years and neighbors will once again have to rely on each other, real social networks. People will have to police themselves, imagine that. People taking responsibility for one another. We will have to return to nature. The atmosphere will take decades to recover, so we will have to be creative with agriculture. Corporations won’t rule us, the wild will. We will have to rebuild and renew our Love and compassion with one another. Hate will only continue to destruct.

I obviously don’t think this way. I am just in a cynical fucking mood this morning. I have little hope for people. If you do, go read any comment thread on any post regarding any social issue. Are we too far gone? Do the people making those comments really not matter? Can Love matter?

I look into my children’s eyes and I see hope. I watch my daughter play with the other kids, not caring about who they are, as long as they are kind.  It’s what drives me to be better. It’s what makes me want to thrive. Why don’t we look at one another this way anymore? I don’t mean that in a relationship way, I mean with total strangers. Why do we ignore homelessness, depression, mental illness? Why do we hate each other so much? We let each other die.

The way I look at it, there are 2 ways out of this life; surrounded by loved ones, leaving a legacy of love and kindness behind for generations to aspire to or full of hate, alone. I like the 1st option. Let’s stop the hate. It starts in your home, your neighborhood, your city, you state. Let’s not let leadership govern us into a horrible fate. I said earlier that “I have little hope for people,” well, that little bit is all we need. Use your “little hope” for Good.