I jumped out of bed this morning, ready. Coffee and my blood are indistinguishable from one another. Kids are easy this morning. Piper has mastered cereal with milk, no longer at a high chair, booster seat baby! We swell with pride as she finishes the milk with ninja like precision. Max gets dropped off on time. He’s 3 months old today and his daddy was gifted little to no traffic! Happy birthday Max, to me! Piper drop is always easy. I arrive at my study hour with no homework in the urgent category. Time to write. I have a lot to say.

Nothing. So many topics. Nothing comes out. I squeeze hard. Pushing until I bleed. “Just relax Billy and let it happen…” I chastise myself. I’m bound up like I ate a loaf of government cheese. And then it happens, I start writing. It’s a small bit, a turtle head at best but wait! One of my friends recently wrote this topic, way better than mine. It was more eloquent than I could ever be. Stuck, not that good, boring, totally fucked…..