Every month has some kind of social awareness linked to it. I’m not sure what has created this trend but there is one that is near to my heart and it’s one that people don’t like to talk about. September is Suicide Awareness month. Suicide has a funky stigma attached to it. It’s not like Cancer, heart disease and other killers out there. However, just like those horrible diseases it takes many lives and affects everyone. My favorite principal, a close childhood friend of the family, a close friend that I grew up with, my own family member; all have committed or attempted suicide but we refuse to talk about why. Depression is a god damn awful affliction. I’ve battled with it and have to win everyday. I heard someone say, “I’ve never been sad like that. I don’t get it.” Try, please try.

I’ve planned and attempted suicide. I’m a long way from that life and I appreciate that fact that I didn’t pull that trigger. I am an example of someone that got past it. I won. I talk openly to young people about it now. When you’re in it, you can’t see a future. I am an example. Choose to extend your sentence. Your life doesn’t have to be over.

Please watch video and talk openly with me if you have any questions. Cheers.