Piper: Hey Dad, why are they so mad at that quarterback?

Dad: They think his views are wrong and he was disrespectful.

Piper: What makes them wrong?

Dad: Well, they don’t line up with there own.

Piper: What did he do?

Dad: He sat down during the National Anthem (the “disrespectful part”) and then said it was in protest to racial issues.

Piper: Is the National Anthem the one that is played before sports?

Dad: Yes dear.

Piper: If it’s so important, why is it not at every public event. We just had a school concert, no anthem.

Dad: Good question honey. I guess to give the spotlight to mediocre singers. Just kidding, I should be careful. You’re not even supposed to joke about that song. I guess I don’t know why it got appointed to sports.

Piper: Are there racial issues?

Dad: Yes.

Piper: But I saw a Facebook post on your newsfeed that read, the race card, whatever that is, is getting old and people need to” Stop Trying to Divide the country.”

Dad: It’s a sensitive topic. One that people have a very hard time understanding and sometimes when people react to a topic they forget to think first. This is called an over reaction. Or they’re completely ignorant to that topic, so they just go to profanity, like Daddy with power tools.

Piper: You mean how some people say he should leave the country and others like to try to talk about a topic by spouting off statistics of something completely different.

Dad: Exactly on the first. What do you mean by the second part?

Piper: You know, how when someone mentions “police brutality,” they say, “blacks kill more blacks than police do…”

Dad: That’s an argumentative technique, kind of a “bait and switch…” It gets pretty tricky and manipulative.  You get that?

Piper: I guess, sounds dumb. Do you think he should leave the country?

Dad: No.

Piper: Will he lose his job over it?

Dad: He could but at this point I think he will lose his job because of performance.

Piper: Oh, some people are going to say it’s because of his comments, huh?

Dad: Yep.

Piper: And then the same people that reacted poorly the first time, will then again enlighten us with uneducated rants.

Dad: You got it kiddo. The averse never ends.

Piper: Dad, why didn’t you react online? On your blog or something?

Dad: I guess I chose to really think about this one carefully. I love this country but also have internal struggles with the way it’s managed. I was mad at Colin at first and then I took some time. I’m not sure the moment was the best planned and understand how it can be perceived as disrespectful but I will say it took serious guts. To stand and do a 20 minute interview afterwards and answer some pretty tough questions is something. There is Oppression in this country; racial, geographical, economical, all sorts. We are divided from top to bottom as much as black to white.

Piper: But what about people that say that he can’t talk about oppression? you know because of the gillions of dollars he makes?

Dad: I think they need to look up the word “advocacy.”

Piper: Do you think we’ll ever actually “work on” systemic issues that plague our people on a daily basis?

Dad: It might be up to you and your friends, kiddo. You see, today, we’re not allowed to change our minds. Once we’ve taken a stance, we have to defend it with all our might, never giving in to the other side. There used to be a word called “compromise” and another one called “respect,” but those have since been removed from vocabulary. If you use them, you will be asked to leave the country. They’ve actually put chips in our brains that explode if you back down or cross party lines.

Piper: Really?!?

Dad: Ok, I made the chip part up but the rest is true.

Piper: Dad, I’m scared.

Dad: Me too.

Piper: What about this guy that’s saying Make America Great Again?

Dad: Google him and watch every video of him speaking. You can decide for yourself.

Piper: Thanks for raising me to able to think for myself.

(( She’s an advanced 2 year old. ))