I thought I would enlighten you to my day. Besides, everyone shares every part of their days online, why can’t I? This is an example of my busiest day of the week. If you are a parent, you get this. I’m not looking for sympathy of any kind, just bragging a little. My wife told my kids last night that I was there hero. Maybe this is why. Love you h0ney.

6:00 am.  This is the time that stuff starts happening in our house. Now, we may have been up for hours before this, feeding Max, changing Max, wondering why he won’t go back to sleep but for this example the day starts now. Why? Piper does not sleep past 6 am. Food. We have to get P fed. She’s really taken a liking to oatmeal these days. The only thing is that it better be ready when she crosses the threshold between her room and the world. Kids don’t understand the time it takes for food preparation, hungry now! Like any good parent though, I make coffee first. It’s kind of like putting your oxygen mask on first before you put the children’s on (all before you hit a mountain). After food; it’s clothes, make sure everything is in car and off we go.

7:30 am. Drop Max off at babysitter. He goes to a friend of the family daycare Monday-Wednesday and on Thursdays he gets to hang with his Grandma Munson. This used to be Piper’s routine and she loves Grandma’s house, so a fit of terror is thrown in the car as the drop off occurs.

8:15 am. Piper comes to school with me. She is enrolled in our developmental care facility at school. It’s a fancy educational based day care. She loves it there and doesn’t even cry when I leave. I have mixed feelings about that.

8:30 am. Library. Class starts in an hour and I feverishly put bows and ribbons on any homework that is due.

9:30 am – 2:00 pm. Class, Class, Class… this is my busiest day, not everyone is such. Two days a week I work in the child center that Piper is in, 3 hours total a week.

2:00 pm. Piper and I go home. She’s napped at school already, so this is appointed daddy/daughter time. We love our baby boy but she needs time to play with us uninterrupted. This is also: grocery store, dishes done, laundry, lawn watering, Target shopping and all sorts of other chores doing time. It goes so fast.

4:45 pm. Pick up Max.

5:00 pm. The 3 of us get back home. Max is sometimes napping right here and that’s awesome because I can start dinner. When he’s not and both kids are wanting attention, chaos reins but kind of getting used to that.

6:00 pm. Dinner. Piper is so “hunnnnnry” at this point. Sometimes Max is cool and the 3 of us olders can eat together but sometimes the adults have to take turns eating.

6:45 pm. Bath time.

7:30 pm. It either gets really calm as bedtime approaches or the pushback against the idea starts.

8:00- 8:30 pm Piper goes to bed. She is a fantastic sleeper and sleeps through the night peacefully, unless she has a tooth breaking skin. Max soon follows her.

9:00 pm – 10 pm. This is my gym time. I like working out late. It’s peaceful and let’s me drain any anxiety I have from the day.

10:30 pm. Homework.

11:00 pm. Bed.

2:00 am. Max wakes to eat. He’s almost down to just one overnight feeding. Steph and I do a pretty good job alternating who feeds him. Yesterday was a long day for me and unfortunately he woke twice. She took both shifts and let me sleep.

That’s it; the busiest day for me. Probably left a lot off here, I did, but I HAVE TO RUN TO CLASS NOW