7 years ago my wife was getting snubbed for an autograph at Crooked Stick from Greg Norman (guy’s a dick, maybe we’ll play well enough to snub him for an interview…)  I got to caddy at the US Senior Open for my good friend Jon Stanley. It is my pleasure to be going to my second Senior on the bag in a couple weeks. Jon shot a qualifying score of 67 at Arrowhead CC in Phoenix.

I’ve had such a great time on the bag, only caddying for Jon. 5 PGA NATIONAL Championships, 1 PGA Tour event, Senior Q school, many smaller events and now 2 Opens (not to mention, really cool US cities and sites…and beer…and wine). This event is above them all because you get to see the games’ greatest and most of them are pretty approachable. I have so many stories from the last one and can’t wait.

I am out of shape and  haven’t been playing much but no matter. I know what to say and when to say it. It’s Ohio in August so I’m looking forward to losing some weight.  So look for us on TV or the Leaderboard on the weekend. No Doubt.