There is only one thing we all have in common; we die. We are biological creatures, walking compost. Is my point coming through? I don’t believe that when we go that’s it, the Atheist view. There are too many things, things that I’ve seen. What happens to my dreams? What happens to my aspirations? They are powerful in life, what about death?

I don’t mean to sound morbid in any way. I’ve been working on painting the exterior of my house for the last couple weeks, almost done. It’s a little at a time when you have two kids under two. When you are by yourself for a few hours a time, everyday, you have tendencies to think a lot.

When someone dies, it can be as simple as closing your eyes. When a dream dies, it can take decades, sometimes a lifetime. I have many dreams and goals but a few have been taking gasps, perhaps their lasts. I’m not sad though,  with death comes life. New dreams have poked their heads above the soil. Dreams I didn’t even know I had. Example: I didn’t know it was a dream of mine to sit in the back yard watching my toddler finger paint, one of the happiest moments of my life.

What I’ve learned: it’s never over until your eyes are closed for the last time. My dreams and goals are in the categories of husband, family, school and golf. That may have been reordered a few years ago.

Don’t be afraid to reorder. Cheers.