“What’s wrong with our country?” Heard that one lately? Hear that one all the fucking time? I’m here to tell ya, it’s not new. Our country has always had problems. It’s a matter of perspective and information sharing. If you say that our grandparents generation was the best, I would ask you where you come from? I have friends that might rebut that statement by saying that their minority grandparents didn’t have it as good as they do now, perspective.

Why do we think that new issues are “new?” War, poverty, terror, civil rights, racism, political idiocy, corruption, greed, the police, technology, education, science, God, religion, family, prisons. All of these and more are fights that we’ve been having since the inception of our “great country.” The Irish were not welcome here in the 19th century as they were fleeing their home country. They were refugees of oppression and famine, only to have a less than loving welcome here. Sound familiar? There is at least one example in every decade of our country’s exsistance. So, just now things are “wrong?”

I’m not saying that our country lives in a  toilet but we’ve always kind of had one foot in. What’s different now? Information sharing and social media. When I was a child I had no idea what was happening in Florida, (sorry Florida but you are in the news a lot). I didn’t know what a transgendered person was. This will come to a shock to some but they did exist, not new. Here’s something crazy too, homicide and terrorists existed long before there was ISIS. 2 differences: 1. The way we are delivered the news has drastically changed. Responsible non biased news has hardly a place anymore. You can’t hear a story without some emotional or partisan bias. Where is our Peter Jennings? I have turned to BBC online news at the suggestion of a family member. They report the story and let you decided, you remember “thinking?” 2. Now everyone can weigh in. Everyone can write blogs, posts, comments and the bane of my existence right now, video blogs. Everyone can overreact? Everyone can be political “slack tivists.” 95% of everything online is either not true or is C.G. That video of that big eagle picking up the kid in the park…that’s fake dude and so are most political accusations and other data that is used to cleverly disguise propaganda. THINK.

“Technology is poison.” I read that today. I puke a little bit more everyday when I read about how cell phones are ruining our lives. Cell phones are a scapegoat for bad parenting and bad neighboring. Remember when you were a kid and your dad used to go out with the boys every night. He would drink beer, ignore you are just tell you to toughen up and quit being a pansy. That was your dad’s cell phone. Remember when your mom would just sit you in front of the tv and walk away, her phone. Get it or are my concepts to complicated?  Then I go on to read that everything on our screens is “poisoning” our kids minds. Turn the fucking thing off then or at least the channel. Parents act like such victims. You are the boss. Maybe if we stopped trying to raise best friends and started being parents, we would get somewhere. BREATHE…..

As far as social media goes, do you know what I see when I look at mine? I see friends and family doing extraordinary things. I see them overcoming extreme obstacles. I see them living amazing lives. I see them inspiring.  I see them succeeding and thriving. How are they accomplishing so much in our downward spiral to Hell? It’s because even with our flaws, our country is pretty fucking awesome.  My wish is that we get some perspective on things and calm down.

My next post will be about farts or something, my blood pressure can’t handle this.