All due respect to my east coast friends, the bay area is the new sports mecca. I’ve been really hesitant to call myself a sports fan lately and I think I’ve figured out why. I am inundated by bay area sports. I listen to local sports talk radio (KNBR) when in the car. I follow local figures on Twitter and read local writers (Ratto, my favorite). I know more about local sports than I do any of the teams that I cheer for. So there’s my hesitation. I don’t want to be a bandwagon-er. It is so hard though because here are teams that emulate the things I love about sports.

Just a quick list, some you know, others maybe not.

GSWarriors, might as well start here. They are gunning for back-to-back titles. It is the best basketball team I’ve ever seen, all due respect Chicago. Take Mike off those teams and they weren’t themselves. Ask Scottie Pippen. Take Steph away from the W’s and they still win. I said best “team” ever. If you aren’t watching, you are missing history and possibly something we will never see again, because of free agency and the way professional sports work.

Giants. 2 out of 4 years World Champs. They might not get it this year but I defy you to go to AT&T park and not get a little infected. I would put it up with the great ballpark in the country. The A’s are terrible this year but Billy Bean always gives fans something to think about, positively or other. Baseball is alive here.

Football. It’s kind of fun to watch the 9ers epic struggles lately. They were a dominant factor once, long ago and let’s not forget they were just in the Super Bowl only a few years ago. Will Chip Kelly’s college stuff work here? It didn’t in Phila or was he just not given enough time? Hey, the Raiders are going to be really good. Hopefully Oakland can find a way to keep them in town because they are putting an awesome roster together. Wait a minute, did I just give the Raiders props? Yucky, my mouth!

Sharks. Quietly won a game 7 and are in the Western Conference finals. I’m not the biggest hockey fan but I understand what great playoff hockey can do to a city.

College. Stanford and Cal are not powerhouses but they produce some pretty good teams and individuals. Heard of Jared Goff, the number One pick in the NFL draft? Cal always turns out good NFL prospects and if Stanford can get into that final 4, I think they can do some damage.

High School. I am so glad I didn’t grow up here. I wouldn’t have even been on a team but I might have made a golf team…hmmmm. Some great programs here. Have you ever heard of De La Salle, look them up. And sorry to Boston but Tommy Brady is from San Mateo first. I met his dad once and dammit he was nice, not very east coast….

Golf. I could fill a very large book with history of golf in the bay area. It’s hard to think it’s under rated in the US. With Olympic, Harding Park and so many other great venues I don’t know why? Oh yeah and a short drive from Pebble and Cypress. College golf here is awesome! Cal always has great teams, both men and women. The Stanford women won the first NCAA Championship Tournament last year with a dramatic conclusion. I’ve never watched women’s college golf but I caught the end of that one, hard to write a better script. The Stanford men will be in serious contention to do the same this year. Oh yeah and Not to Mention, James Hahn (Cal guy)  getting his second win on the PGA Tour. Not liking James is like not liking Steph, look yourself in the mirror.

This is a short synopsis of sport here. I could go further and on and on but studies show you’ve already stopped reading. Time for a picture. There are 2 athletes you haven’t heard of that live here.




Will he make the National Spot light? Perhaps he has a little gas left in the tank or maybe this future super star below?

Or maybe we have some work to do…Have a great weekend everyone and support your local Teams. Some need it more than others. Cheers.