I’ve been thinking about that word a lot lately. In the simplest of terms it means, what is left behind when you leave this world? What will I be remembered for? It’s also probably the block in my mind. I think too much about what could have been and what will be. I forget about now some days. That’s a big thought change for me because all I used to think about was today.  So, there is the reason I find it difficult to write. I start or draft posts and never post or finish them because I either can’t fj]as]pasd[ljasfdjklasdlkjafsdjlk;as;fffdddddddddddd…. there ya go, perfect example.

I don’t want my “legacy” to be incomplete. So I’ve made goals. I’m not going to share too many of them with you. I get flack for sharing too much. Let’s just say that the remainder of this year is based on getting healthy. That will help me be a better husband and father and that’s all that matters. Then, we’ll get into the big goals, Erin Hills and such….2017.

I’m not sure how much more or how often I’m going to write. I have over 50 drafts that are incomplete. Should I finish and post them? Some are pretty good…