Dear Wyoming Coal Miner,

I grew up near you. I went to school with your kids. Even though I’ve moved far away and don’t visit often, I still think about you guys. I’ve been reading about massive lay-offs in your area of the country, “our area” and in particular your field of work. You are tough. You have to be to work in that business. You work thankless hours in an environment that most of us would collapse under. In some situations, you are the sole provider for your families.  You’ve been taken for granted for decades. Your hard work has powered most of the country. All of these things you know, you’ve felt in your heart.

Today may be the most difficult day in your families lives. There are so many questions. What will you do? Who will you turn to? Will it be ok? Unfortunately I don’t have answers today.

I want to offer my support. I don’t have money to give. I don’t have room to take you all in. If I did, I would take care of ALL of you. I’m here to offer my support emotionally and spiritually. I have been through a lot in my short stint on the planet. I believe that I am a good person to talk to. Most likely you are an alpha male and being that means a few things. The way you see it is that your worth is in being able to provide. That is going to be challenged in the coming months and possibly years. The way you see it is that it’s not appropriate for you to be emotional. I know “Wyoming Tough” dudes, they don’t cry. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger. I doubt anyone will reach out to me, a Wyoming run-a-way but I’m here. Email me;

I beg you. Before you do something that you can’t come back from, think. You are not just a paycheck. You are a man, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a neighbor, a friend, a coach, a person. Don’t let this define your life. It doesn’t have to be the end. If you are having feelings that your life is over, PLEASE CALL SOMEONE, a family member, a friend, a former coworker, a Pastor/Church Leader, a neighbor, SOMEONE TO LISTEN.

People from my home state are Tough and will relent, for this I am sure. If you see someone that is hurting, give them a hand. Talk to them, take time out of your busy life to care. It may be the most important conversation. You might not even realize how important it is.

With the Utmost Respect,

Billy Grant