I spend a lot of days in thought and have incredible ideas. Most of them are pretty idiotic and completely unrealistic but today I had one that, well, I’ll let you decide.

I’ve been thinking about this ever growing fissure in our government created by this bipartisan monster. Gridlock has become a DC norm. The word compromise no longer applies and tolerance is a four letter word. It’s trickled all the way down to the constituents, us.  It seems to me we’ve had this problem in our country before. It seems to me we’ve made great strides in depleting the air to a fire such as this. Not gone but some progress…

As my mind goes I flip through the channels and just like that one of my favorite sports/humanistic movies is on. It happens to be on a poignant scene and it very much applies to my thoughts. Remember The Titans is the film. If you haven’t seen it I can’t understand why. It’s Denzel for God’s sake and the subject matter is a vital part of our history. The scene is in the beginning of the movie. Herman Boone (Denzel) asks all the player off the buses that are headed to football camp. He partners up black players with white players and makes them sit together and room together at camp.

I feel like government and quite possibly all of us need to go to camp. Room with someone of a different party, of a different culture. Practice together, learn to play a game together. Learn to compromise and tolerate. There is another scene at this “camp.”

“Fighting the same fight, we’re still fighting today.” We’re better than this people. The world needs more Herman Boones. My question: Do they even exist anymore?

Can you imagine members of Congress sitting on a bus with a sworn enemy? By the way, if you didn’t know, Remember the Titans is a true story. If kids can make it work in a racially charged era, why can’t members of our leadership? Make it work ladies and gentlemen or there will be a tipping point. Violent Upheaval is not what this country needs.