Our little 3 person family spent the weekend in the mountains. Piper saw Yosemite for the first time. She loved every minute of being up there. She just wants to go, crying every time she had to be picked up. I am absolutely loving the fact that she likes to be outdoors. It takes me back to my childhood a bit. It invigorates me.

We spent Saturday around the Munson’s cabin, only going to the lake and getting our hands dirty a bit. Piper learned the value of rock skipping but she loves handfulls of mud better.

Easter Sunday, she woke to her first basket. Just a small stuffed bunny and a couple peeps. Sorry heathy people but you can’t have Easter without peeps. She hunted for the dozen plastic eggs and found them all, with a little help. She was excited. We talked a lot about what to tell her about Easter when she gets a little older. I love this. My wife and I did not grow up in religious households but I’ve learned in my life that good people come from all walks. I will make sure she gets every aspect of the holidays. Did you know that even the Easter bunny has religious and historical significance?  It’s a cool story but I don’t have time to plagiarize it. Google it.

It’s no secret that sometimes I have a hard time. I am wired to be sad. I have tough days where I am my own worst critic. Every single time in the last year and a half I’ve started to feel these dark feelings, this little girl does something that completely reverses emotion. I said the other day, “yeah, I’m starting to really love this family man shit. I can’t wait until there are more of us.” Coming soon…