I had the great pleasure of meeting and speaking with Joe Garagiola on 4 or 5 occasions while I lived in Arizona. He was a great man. I only got a few moments with him, a few sentences but he was always gracious. He always shook my hand and looked in my eyes. I would ask about golf or baseball or life in AZ. He always had a unique answer. You could tell that nothing he said was scripted or “canned.” He didn’t have to do this. He had earned the right to turn away but he never did. Joe was great for baseball, he was great for Arizona and he was great for humanity. He will be missed. I’ve met a lot of older men while working in the golf business and I can say that few impressed me. He is on a very short list of men that I can say, “yeah, I wouldn’t mind ending up like that guy.”

If you don’t know who Joe Garagiola is, look him up.