Every now and then I’ll hear a parent say that they don’t won’t their little one to grow up. That’s crazy to me. I am ready for her to grow up or at least be able to communicate with us verbally. We’ve been getting better with a few added words to her limited vocabulary. “More” was a revelation. The simple act to able to tell us that she wants more, unbelievable. I’ve learned the true meaning of “enjoying the little things.”  I can tell her when something is gone now and she gets it. “The milk’s all gone kiddo,” understood and moving on. We’ve encountered something new. It’s a new frustration for her.

We didn’t mean to get her hooked on Mickey Mouse. I swear to God that Disney put some kind of baby ecstasy in that voice. We noticed at a very early age that no matter how intense her “fits” could be, just the sight of that damn Mouse would put her at ease. (This pleases this Disney family I’ve married into)  It came to be a last ditch “handy helper” for us. So, we DVR’d 30 episodes to be on hand at any time. So, for a year she’s been watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse mostly DVR’d. She’s learned two things recently. She knows what the remote control does when there is a commercial, fast forward. She’s also learned the adorable term, “uh oh.”

This is how it goes. Commercial comes on, “uh oh!” and a point at the remote, daddy acts accordingly and in seconds the episode continues. Yes, I agree, “so stinking cute.” Here is the problem. Every now and then we watch a live episode or some other show. Shit hits the adorable little fan when daddy can’t eliminate the commercial. “uh oh (point), Uh Oh (point and bounce), UH Oh! (point and panic), UUUUUHHHH OHHHHHH (fall on the floor kicking and crying)… Every parent out there knows this progression, I’m guessing. Mickey returns from his smoke break and the shit fit is immediately halted.

So, yeah. I’m ready for her to grow up a little bit. Cheers.