I love writing from my own perspective. I’ve been experimenting writing from others but it’s just not as genuine. Once again I’m stuck in this writer’s block universe. I’m over the fact that there are better writers in my own generation, some my own friends. I used to read somethings and go “man, I suck.” That’s my own insecurities spilling onto the page. What I’ve come to find out is that I don’t suck. So that’s not the source of the block. I have a hard time writing shit I’ve heard before. I wanted to write my experiences as a new dad but right now it’s following a book that I’ve already read! Originality is important to me. It’s why I don’t watch movie remakes!  My daughter is an original though. Despite my endless picture posting on social media, I’m not sure I want to share intimate details on here yet. I’m thinking about taking up Fiction writing. I could just make up stories. I could be great at that, just doesn’t excite me though. I tried the beer blog, not an original idea. I might continue that with a slightly different format. I always wanted to be a sports writer but again not sure my voice fits the arena? Should I even continue? Would anyone miss this blog? INSECURE. I need a reboot.

Gotta go. Piper’s sandwich is on her head. Why is that so funny? To her?