It’s really fun sitting at campus today. It’s almost mid semester so the young ones are really starting to gain some knowledge and they are not afraid to talk about it. I found a new skill. I can listen to a conversation and tell you what major the students involved are. The math and engineer groups are obvious. Arrogance bleeds from their coded words. “I’m smarter than you and there is nothing you can do about it.” It’s your world smart ones, now go make it better. Theater and music majors, so dramatic. The world will be your playground, go and create beauty. The future business men and women; money, money, money is what they care about, go make a bunch kids and learn how to balance a budget while you’re at it. There is a group though that makes me giggle from the inside out. Young psychology and sociology students can be the worst but they can also be a form of great entertainment. Regurgitation of text book nonsense at it’s pure best. “I’ve taken many classes so I am qualified to analyze anything and oh yeah, everything!” And they complain, they complain about the way the world is, about how things are so messed up. Actually that’s one common thread with all these groups. They complain all the time. Did I when I was their age? Did “we” have a flow of moaning emanating from our voices? Does every generation of 20 somethings?  I honestly don’t remember. They will learn that the world is what you make of it, especially here. People that say our country is “going down the shitter,” have probably never been to a country that is down the shitter. Life experience has a way of changing your outlook and mind, it’s so much more valuable than that degree you will get. My advice, and this is also from a bunch of friends/students that I personally know: if you are not going to get a PHD or a Masters in Psychology or Sociology, change your major now! Just a little perspective from an old bastard. Everyone will eventually find there place and some will spend a lifetime searching. I wish you nothing but good luck young ones.