Isn’t it interesting the feedback that you get on social media. I’ve found that far more people respond to “good news,” than if you need a “back slap or toast.” Is it just easier to vaguely type “congrats,” than have an actual thought on somethings? (perhaps people just feel like I’m whining? old news?)  Good news lightens the world but are you even really paying attention to it?

What I have come to realize is that you really find out who’s watching and reading when the chips are down. I have some interesting allies out in the world. I wish I could get you all together sometime and have a party. It would get weird, so many different personalities. Ok, so maybe you should stay where you are at.

Here’s my slightly morbid thought of the morning: I wonder how many of you I will never actually see again in person? I’m guessing a lot. That sucks. Ok, party is back on!