For a brief time of my life I practiced Yoga. I was younger and flexibility came natural for me. It never really became a part of my life.  Over the last few years and months I’ve noticed a couple things happening to me. First, golf, a super decline in club head speed resulting in average distance numbers. Second, my balance has been awful lately. Both of these have inadvertently affected my daily life. I still have want.

Today I started a 30 day challenge Yoga program. It was a light 30 minute intro today and I could feel where the speed went. I found pain I didn’t know was there. I’m incredibly inflexible. My 20 year old self would shake his head. So, if you pray, say one for me over the next month. A little different venture to shake things up.

I heard a guy say once, “lifting weights is great and makes my body really strong but it’s Yoga that makes me a man.” If you don’t believe that, go take  a class.