Don’t you love it when asking a potential colleague career advice, they drift away into “this is about me” land? I sit and wait for something that I can actually apply to my situation and all I get is how “awesome” you are. I get it. You did it, probably better and faster than I have. That’s why I came to you, dummy. Now I just feel more inadequate than before. Good job.

That is how I’ve felt over the last year and a half when trying to find some guidance. The good news is that I have found great mentors. Ones that actually listen. I just wanted to float this out in the galaxy. When someone is genuinely looking for help, it’s not about you. Perhaps they should have a class about giving people advice, a mandatory class.

It happens in every business. I once had a boss that would never help me with job situations, he would just tell me how much better he was at it. He’s a manager of people. Perhaps they should have a class about being a human being, I mean manager, a mandatory class.

God, I’ve only been back in the U.S. for a couple days and I’m already complaining, worrying and eating fast food. I miss Europa already.