This is an incredible city. Ok, so our day didn’t start quite as planned. What are you going to do, rain makes it wet.

Budapest lacks the Euro Glam that you see in Prague. There doesn’t seem to be quit as much Western influence. The people are a little tougher but we are here on a work day and again, it’s raining. But most people we have encountered have been kind and very helpful, one waiter even read and entire menu to us. The architecture is unlike anything we’ve seen. To me, it’s a little more colorful and ornate. One of the churches we walked into was one of the most beautiful my eyes have ever seen. It’s not hard to see why people want to come worship here.

There is another WWII memorial (can’t turn a corner in Europe without running into one) on the wall of the Danube river, it’s called Shoes On the Danube Bank. They are bronzed shoes. These people were forced to take their shoes off and shot, so that their bodies would fall into the water. This one got to me. This is were they stood. Heart wrenching.

There is so much more I want to say about Budapest but it’s time to pack for our journey home. Budapest will have to wait for my return, so much more to see and explore and next time, maybe the rain will subside and then I will probably call Budapest my favorite city. Cheers.