WWII, the allies agreed that they would not bomb Dresden, as a majority of Germany’s precious art was moved here. Agreements are not set in stone and one of the last acts of war was the destruction of this beautiful place. The Nazi forces soon gave in there after. Walking around Dresden is beautiful. It is bustling with squares of shopping and cosmopolitan cafes. I had my first German Brat here. Yet another city to be loved. Walking through the museums full of ancient German artifacts we spot a picture of the WWII destruction and a thought flows through our group out loud, “this city has been rebuilt in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…much like a majority of Europa (war sucks but dictators must fall). Even though it’s “new,” it’s the same architecture, same people, same material and in some cases the exact same building blocks, cleaned up and reused.  Just like in Berlin the resiliency of the people is amazing.  On to Prague.