We arrived in Kempen Germany for the last few days of Karneval. For those of you following me on Facebook, you’ve seen the crazy pictures and videos. If you don’t, let’s just say it’s a mix of Halloween and a cleaner version of Mardi Gras.  The second day we were there was kind of an open party, no real plans, just drinking bier and doing shots (always various styles of homemade schnapps). I noticed that all the booze is fairly low alcohol content, this way you can drink ALL day and not be a complete asshole, that’s not an intentional knock on the way we do it, just different. Oh yeah and we wore costumes we brought from the US, Minions!


even Piper had a costume and sorry Rachel is missing from this shot.IMG-20160207-WA0006Rachel, Stephanie and P.

We stayed with the Bruning Family. I cannot even begin to explain the type of hospitality they showed us. I’m not sure if even our Southerners can compete.  They showed up to the airport at a very late hour and welcomed us with hugs and signs. I will explain the “Sweet Ass” sign some other day. lol. There are many many stories I will have to explain another day, time prohibited. Everything from the food to the language, everything is just a little different and it’s not in a bad way.

The third day was supposed to be parade day. Unfortunately due to bad weather, they cancelled it. You could feel their disappointment, like they were letting us down. This is a very big deal for them, as 50,000 people attend the parade. There is so much planning that goes into it and it is quite the spectacle. I guess we’ll have to come back to see it another time.  It didn’t stop us from more bier, more schnapps and more fun though. The pictures tell the stories. Cheers.


We set off to find Ferdi, the town grump but alas we never did.


German Pub life, bier, sing-a-longs, smiles and laughs. Memories I will have forever.

We are in Berlin now after a crazy day of train riding. Sight seeing awaits. Cheers. Prost and Cheerio!!!