Yes, I sang that to the tune of “video killed the radio star.” Video apps like YouTube and Periscope are pretty cool but I don’t like them too much. I’m so much into the written word that somedays I resent brainless video posts hogging all the online viewers (my ego speaks). I have to consider the audience though. So, let’s play the game. I’m adding pictures to this with a very little content. If it works the way it should, “readers” go up!!

Me, working on my craft. About 5 months ago I played a good round of golf and was sore the next day, like sore to the point I don’t think I could play again. Action was taken and I’ve been in the gym 3-5 times a week since. I am stronger, leaner, more flexible. Being tired via playing golf is unacceptable. It will never happen again. Cheers. Ok, one more below!!

20160204_113512 (1)