I’ve written extensively about my continued love/hate relationship with the online world. There are days where I just wish the whole thing would crash to the ground and be swallowed up by a gigantic sink hole, probably somewhere in a vast desert (it would have to be near Area 51, right?). If I could choose, there would be specific kinds of people that would be violently sucked from their homes and dealt the horrible internet death. This is what I think when I read comments on topics that idiots know nothing about. Is that you? I hope not because I really don’t want you to die. You get that right?

Then there are other days. There are days when I catch up with old friends that I haven’t talked to or seen in sometimes decades. We rehash old memories, trying to stick to the good ones. I have 501 friends on Facebook and in the last couple years I’ve had meaningful conversations with almost all of them ( well probably 350 out of 500). It’s not a remarkable feet, it’s just a matter of saying “Hi.” So, if I haven’t greeted you and you want to have a chat, feel free.

I’ve been through quite a ringer of life. I’m happy to share it with anyone that will listen. Those dark places that I crawled out of are very much a part of my history, and history is made to be written down. I survived and thrived. It took almost 40 years for me to get it somewhat righted and the really great thing is, I have 40 years of stories to share.