You ever hear old people use the term “the good old days?” It’s funny, huh? Whether you’re not sure how they got along with out GPS or the fact that there was a fine for bringing video tapes back to the store without rewinding; every generation has their own confusions about the previous. Truth: life will continue to evolve. Technology will not stop and the children of tomorrow will be living in a completely different world we do today. Wait a minute, Now? Holy shit!  We are living in our “good old days,” right now! So get out of your house and go have an adventure. I really have my reservations about our upcoming trip to Europe but there will be a day, hopefully very far away, that I will use the term, “back in the good old days.” Our children will roll their eyes, shake their heads and hopefully live their good old days to the complete fullest. Cheers.

Wait a minute, it’s good OLE’ days, isn’t it? Damn, I’m old.