I despise complaining. I really try to keep it to a minimum. I am a kind-hearted fellow that just wants happiness. However, there has been a few things over the last few days that has lead me to the phrase, “you know what really grinds my gears?” Thanks Peter Griffin.

These are random.

Why is every Doctor so nonchalant about being late to every appointment? Every single blood sucking one. I don’t care how much your degree costs and how pressed your white jacket is. When we are children one of the first things you learn is to “be on time.” Any thing else is a blatant sign of disrespect. Don’t expect the nicest greeting from me anytime soon Doc. I’m sure you don’t care though.

Why is politics so stupid? I mean it’s literally the dumbest show on television right now. South Park has better grammar and writing. You may dislike the President right now but just wait until one of these dummies gets in. This is the “best we have?”

Don’t you hate it when one of your childhood mentors ends up being an asshole? I recently added a guy from my past, I won’t disclose his name, but I looked up to him greatly and even thought about getting into his business. I’ll just say he deals with the public. He is an egotistical giant ass. Has he always been this way and it’s just me that’s changed? I can’t believe he says some of the things he does on public forums and keeps his job. Look in the mirror sir.

Sports Fans. The ones that post that players should die after failing on the field. The ones that complain about players celebrating. The ones that say, “act like you been there before.”  The ones that cry in the stands. The ones that get so drunk they either miss the game or get into fights with other idiots. The ones that think the players actually care about them, they do not. The ones that really think they know the games and really really don’t.  I guess I’m doomed to watch sports and analyze with my wife and kids. Did I say doomed?

Phones. I hate mine. I hate it because I’m addicted to it. I’ve been slowly weening myself from it, a few less minutes everyday. I feel myself regaining life. Get away from your screens people…right now. I won’t be insulted if you stop reading. It is the new drug that needs taken down past moderation.

Language. This is kind of a reiteration of the politics post. We sound dumb. I go to school with plenty of kids that English is their second, third or even fourth language. They speak better that “we.” Our constant social contest to come up with catchy made up phrases is demeaning our intellect.

I have more but I have to stop now. I need to leave the screen, turn off the tv, plug in the phone and go for a walk with my daughter. She’s smarter than you anyway.