I haven’t been writing a lot lately. God, I feel like I’ve written this script a few times before. Anyway, I’ve been pretty busy. I would like to fill you in on “our” lives and what’s going on.

Piper is making the turn from a baby into our little kid. She is full of life and has already developed quite the sense of humor. She’s going to need it as baby sibling arrives at the end of June. Our two bedroom home will never be the same, in a fantastic way.

My wife started a new job a couple weeks ago. Her commute is less and that makes our household very happy. I am in constant awe of her. Her drive to be the best at her work is amazing. It was only a few years ago she started her profession as a temp and she has risen very quickly in their ranks. This should be a great step in her continued ladder of her career.

I’ve been working out like a professional athlete. Since October I haven’t missed very many gym appointments. I am breaking my own personal records almost on a weekly basis. Physical well being is so important to me. When I feel healthy and strong I am a better husband and father. There are other goals on the horizon that this new beast body will help with.

I’m starting another semester of school this Friday. I’m taking 3 online classes and one night class. We will not be putting Piper in daycare this spring, so it’s gonna be crazy around here but that’s the way we like it. I think I’m going to complete something on the certificate level this semester. It seems like a small victory but I feel like I need to accomplish something now… something to keep my momentum.

I’ve been researching a book. I have some great topics but not certain of them in book form. The other problem with books is they don’t get read anymore.  So I’ve really fallen in love with documentary films. I watch them by the hand full, mostly late night viewing. Then I began to think, could I shoot one of these, maybe one of my book ideas?… To be continued… This is a very long term project, so don’t expect anything soon but let’s just say they are some of the greatest stories Never Told.

I will continue to write. I love it. The interest in this blog has diminished sharply over the last year but I really don’t care. It’s for me and a few good friends anyway. Cheers.