I think one of the hardest things in life is when you try to help someone and everything/anything you say doesn’t have an effect. (It’s interesting that coming from me…eh?) or maybe you did and you never know or knew. Maybe some are just beyond help.

We live in a selfish society and it’s top to bottom. It lives in the hearts of the wealthy and the poor; the happy and the sad.  Damn. I’m feeling a deep sadness for people out there tonight.

I despise the sentence, “it has to be their decision to get help…” Yeah, I’ve seen how that works out. It doesn’t.

Sometimes I wish I was an arrogant douche that didn’t care about people. I could just go about my business and not feel shit. What the fuck America? What the fuck friends? Friends?

I think and worry about people all the time. I have this terrible feeling in my gut tonight and don’t really know why. Please think first…