“For the first time leaving Arizona, I feel like I’m going home and not leaving it.” I said that the other day.

This is the first “New Year” that I’ve been excited about the year to come in I don’t know how long. The normal “Billy dread” isn’t there.   There are two factors at play: 1. 2016 will be the busiest of my life and by busy I mean productive and fun. 2. I am at peace with myself.

  1. We’ve already ventured to Arizona and San Diego on the road. Sure it was a quick trip and most of it was in 2015 but it was our first roadie with the youngster. An awesome trip; I wish it lasted longer. Is that the measurement for a good trip or what? In a few weeks I start another semester at school; full time. Two weeks into school we leave for Germany for 10 days. I’ve never traveled in Europe, so this excites me. End of February holds a possible trip to Vegas for a rowdy weekend with some fellas.  In June I travel to Utah to marry two of my favorite people, my 2nd wedding as an officiant. 10 days later; Grant Baby #2 is due. July, we travel to Wyoming. Piper meets the tribe and I go to my 20 year high school reunion. August, wife’s best friend getting married on the east coast. By next Christmas we will have a 6 month old and a 2 year old. I can’t wait to add stuff to this year and make it awesome. Bring this shit on!!
  2. I know my writings can be dramatic on here but my life has been dramatic so…deal with it. This is the first time in my life my mind is clear. I feel free to do. I feel free to just be me. Shame cannot rule me and the past is over. It’s time to move forward and see how good I can be; to see how much I can learn, to see how much I can see, to see how strong I can be, to not set limits. I feel young. I never thought I would be lifting personal records in the gym at almost 40. The sky isn’t the limit. I’ve already had an amazing year and it’s 4 days old.

Be someones role model if you can. Be nice to a stranger. Love openly. Take chances. Read more. Write more. Take pictures. Call friends. Drink and eat the best. Find nature. Play Ball. Live. #2016