My routine: I go in and stretch and then hit some random cardio for 20 minutes or so. While I’m warming up I listen to comedy. My favorite comedians put me in a good mood and make the warm up go quickly.  Then when I go lift or do some other kind of workout I switch to Rock, Metal or Rap; whatever I’m in the mood for. Today I decided to stay on comedy and it was a mistake.

It was leg day. I’ve been staying pretty light weights and lots of reps trying to increase stamina. It’s all about stamina. I was feeling pretty strong today so I decided to do a few sets on the heavier side. Working my way up, I got to about 495 lbs on the Hammer leg sled. I was feeling decent into the 5th rep and it happened.

Kyle Kinane is currently one of my favorite “alive” comics. If you haven’t heard of him, I highly recommend looking him up. His story telling and delivery is awesome. He’ a little slow in delivery but when he hits punchlines I lose it. He hit a great one in the push of that 5th rep and I lost it; a very loud fart. It was so loud I could hear it with my own ears through the crowd laughter on the track. The gym was packed. I almost dropped the weight, getting ready with the safety bar and my red face. I was able to control the sled and finish the rep. I stood up and looked around. This is the one time I’m thankful for the anti social nature of the world we live in nowadays. Head phones. Bose, Beats, Sony; I don’t give a shit, they were all in their own little worlds. You missed a hilarious moment 24 hour patrons. Thanks for the moment Kyle (and the additional ab work) but lesson learned. Pantera, Five Finger, AC DC, Foo, Em, whomever…music will be the preferred listen while in the heat of the workouts from now on.

Do you think right outside the gym door is the most farted in place in America?