Life is full of sounds. (This post is not intended to make the hard or hearing or hearing impaired feel less than, just my view.)  There are sounds that make us cringe, like a fork and knife screeching on a plate. There are sounds that make us giggle, like your favorite comedians unique voice. There are sounds that move us to memory, like those songs that are permanently attached to relationships of old. There are sounds that move us to tears, insert your own here. I’ve known no lack of sound in my life. Once upon a time, it was the loud noise of the world in conflict with the screaming in my conscience that made me want to silence it forever. I’m forever grateful that I didn’t.


There are a few sounds that I’ve recently experienced that make life worth everything I’ve experienced.


The first sonogram when my wife was pregnant with Piper. You anxiously wait for it and for me there was a panic moment of not hearing it.  When the technician finds it and turns up the volume, music from heaven. That tiny little heart beat. It’s so small but in those speakers, in that moment it’s the loudest thing you’ve ever heard in your life. Tears dance to the tune of my daughter’s heart.


Nothing prepares you for the birth of your child. Education and classes only teach you facts but the experience of it all is more. We had a tough overnight birth with our first. She was tough. That first cry. That whimpering of life. There’s not a lot of words to describe that noise.


Present day: when she laughs. I had heard it before, a baby but not my baby. When I do something silly and it makes her laugh uncontrollably, there is not a noise that compares. She looks at me like I’m the only hero she knows. I feel like a superhero. You’ve got nothing on me Tony Stark.


There are so many other noises that I’ve learned to love. I don’t have time to list them. Find value in the sounds of life; it’s the best music in the world. I’m lucky enough to hear that sonogram music once again!


PS. I still remember the sound of my wife reciting her vows…